Grab a free SIM to get you
started on MyMix Prepaid

Grab a free SIM to get you started on MyMix Prepaid
Try Vodafone with a Free Prepaid SIM

Right now you can get started with prepaid even easier with a Free Prepaid SIM.

On these specifically marked prepaid SIMs, you will get 20% Bonus Credit or every recharge for 6 months from first recharge. Bonus Credit can be used on further recharges or add-ons. Bonus Credit has a 365 day expiry and does not roll over.

To get your free SIM, fill out the form below. Once you’ve received the SIM, you’ll need to activate it and purchase a $30 or above recharge before 31/03/17. Check out our top picks for MyMix recharges.

Other recharge options are available. Use our MyMix tool to see the other recharge options.
View Critical Information Summaries for the $30, $40 and $50 Prepaid MyMix Recharges.

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Terms and conditions

Free SIM
Not for commercial or resale purposes. Offer available to customers who activate specially marked $2 SIM between 25/01/17 – 31/03/17 (inclusive). If you recharge with a $30 or above Vodafone Prepaid recharge (Eligible Recharge) you will get 20% of the recharge price as Bonus Credit (‘Bonus Credit’). Bonus Credit available for each additional Eligible Recharge for six months from the date of your first recharge. Bonus Credit has 365 day expiry and does not roll over with recharge or My Credit top up but otherwise has the same limitations and conditions as standard My Credit. Bonus Credit applied within 72 hours of activation. When you recharge on Pay As You Go Plus (PAYG+) My Credit and Bonus Credit used for calls, text, data in Oz and to purchase other recharges/add-ons. When you recharge with MyMix or Combo and you will not be able to use My Credit or Bonus Credit for data in Oz. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. If you recharge on another PAYG+ before your inclusions expire, any unused My Credit will rollover to a maximum of $1000. When you activate your Vodafone SIM you accept the Vodafone Standard Form of Agreement. Summary and full agreement at All offers subject to change. Prescribed ID and user details must be provided. Limit of 2 free SIMs per address.

Included International Minutes to Selected Countries
Excludes premium services, special and overseas free phone numbers and video calls. Standard Voice Calls to selected list of countries. Countries may change from time to time, see for list of current countries. Fair use policy applies. See My Credit, if you have any, will be used for minutes of standard voice calls to selected countries once included allocation is exhausted and for calls to any countries not included in the selected countries list or otherwise included in your recharge.