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Please complete this Business Connection Form to sign up to Vodafone today.
Following submission of the form you will immediately receive an email confirming your order and a Vodafone Business Specialist will contact you within 2 business days to process your order. This form should be completed by the customer, not an ACN Independent Business owner (“IBO”)


Please enter valid 10 digit IBO Id
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Please attach 100 points of ID and Letter of Authority if required 
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Identification Document (ID) Requirements

At least one Primary ID from the below list:

  • Valid Australian or International Passport (70 points)
  • Australian Drivers Licence (70 points)
  • Valid International Passport (70 points)
  • Australian Government Proof of Age Card (60 points) (must be submitted with Medicare card or Passport)

Any from the below Secondary ID:

  • Australian or International Credit Card (40 points)
  • Medicare card (30 points)
  • Current Australian Bank Statement (30 points)

Letter of Authority
A Letter of Authority (LOA) is required for new customer applications where the Applicant applying is not listed as a Director on the Business' credit bureau file:

The LOA should clearly state:

  • The name and title of the authorised representative, and this must match the 100 points of ID
  • That the nominated person is authorised to purchase and enter into a contract on behalf of the company
  • The total number of services required


Please agree to a credit check being completed


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Please enter a valid mobile number
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Please enter the current account number

Please enter the account number from your current provider for the mobile number you are wanting to port to Vodafone.
Your account number is normally found on a bill or invoice.

6. Porting Authorisation

Please tick all boxes
I request to port the Mobile Service Number(s) (MSN) I specify for use on the Vodafone Network. I declare that I am the account holder and I have a contractual right to the MSN and am authorised to request porting of the MSN. I authorise the MSN, the Gaining Service Provider (Vodafone*), the Network Type (GSM, UMTS) and any other porting information to be disclosed to other carriers, network providers, portability service suppliers and Financial Institutions for the purpose of porting, routing of calls and SMS messages to the MSN, complaint handling, customer network fault management, and for fraud prevention and fraud investigations. I also authorise porting information to be disclosed to financial institutions for the purpose of fraud prevention and to assist in fraud investigations. I acknowledge that I have been advised by Vodafone that if I continue to use the existing handset, it may need to be unlocked and/or reprogrammed prior to porting at my cost. I agree that Vodafone may contact me if my port request has not successfully completed, including to notify me of delays or confirm my details. I acknowledge that Vodafone has advised me that this Customer Authorisation is only valid for 30 days and my Mobile Service Number(s) must be ported within this period or a new Customer Authorisation will need to be completed. I also understand that porting will not be available on Sundays or certain public holidays. If my port request is not successfully completed within 30 days of my authority to port, I agree that Vodafone will issue a new mobile number for my service. *Vodafone means Vodafone Australia Pty Limited ABN 86 056 161 043, Vodafone Pty Limited ABN 76 062 954 554 (for Postpaid Customer).

Please tick all boxes
I acknowledge that I have been advised by Vodafone that (i) although I may have the right to port the MSN, there may be costs and obligations associated with the existing mobile service and porting the MSN; (ii) I may or may not be in an existing contract with the current Service Provider; (iii) the contract may or may not include an obligation to make early termination payments to the current Service Provider; and (iv) by porting the MSN, any services associated with that number may or may not be disconnected from the current Service Provider and may result in finalisation of my account for that service. I acknowledge that my contract with Vodafone which is set out in this application and in Vodafone’s Form of Agreement (SFOA) available at, will commence when I sign this application (and my application is accepted), however, any Commitment Period will start from the date I am first connected to the Vodafone Network. By signing this application, I agree that I am (or in the case where I am signing on behalf of a company, the company is) responsible for (as principal) all amounts that become due in relation to this account including all applicable charges set out in Vodafone’s SFOA.

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